Hula Hoop Butterfly Combo 2


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More beaded hula hoops with colorful butterflies and an array of summer florals to be embroidered on a special garment, gift or home decor item. You also receive a Tissue Box Cover decorated with these beautiful winged creatures!

You receive:
12 Butterflies (6 unique butterflies in 2 hoop sizes)
Tissue Box Cover (for the 5*7 and 6*10 hoops)

Hoop size available:
4*4 Hoop (Butterflies)
5*7 Hoop (Butterflies and Tissue Box Cover)
6*10 Hoop (Tissue Box Cover)

Tissue Box Cover when complete:
48.9" (width) x 92.3" (length) x 38.6" (height)
124.13mm (width) x 234.42mm (length) x 98.12mm (height)


Type: Applique