Hundreds and Thousands Donut Bag with ITH Zipper



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This is the healthiest donut you can ever have. If does not sit on the hips, yet it stays on your arm. It will always be a conversation piece that makes you drool but never increases the weight. An absolute MUST for those with a sweet tooth but keeping en eye on the figure.Hundreds and Thousands Donut Bag with ITH Zipper.

This SUPER EASY fun project needs only 2 hoopings! No sewing required! Have a look at out FREE PHOTO TUTORIAL on this project. Click on the Tutorials TAB at the top of the webpage. Then click on PHOTO TUTORIALS at the left on the website. Full photo tutorial also included in your download on purchase.

Hoop sizes:

  • 5*5 and 6*6

Size when complete:

  • 5.3" x 5.3" (6*6 hoop bag)
  • 4.4" x 4.4" (5*5 hoop bag)
5x5 (130mm x 130mm) Hoop