Japanese Kokeshi Dolls Combo



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The Kokeshi dolls are traditionally hand crafted and painted wooden dolls originating as far back as possibly 1600 - 1868. Make a colorful Quilted blanket or decorate a bag or embroider on a pocket a Kokeshi doll.

You receive:
20 Designs (2 for each hoop size)
Available Size
4x4 (100mm x 100mm) Hoop,
5x7 (130mm x 180mm) Hoop

Customer Reviews

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Rosie Benz
Very cute, but slow going.

Love the designs. Very cute. But the jump stitches are hard to remove and annoying, and the colours could be sorted better to save a lot of colour changes (eg. do the eyes and hair together?)and some of the designs are very dense and stitch out "bullet proof".

Thank you so much for taking the time to review this collection Rose! I will email you privately to see how we can assist and ensuring this design stitches quicker and with less jump stitches:-) Warm regards, Annemarie