Maple Leaves Tote Bag



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Autumn provides some of the most beautiful, awe-inspiring colors and scenery. And the maple leaf is one of the most spectacular performers.

This beautiful creation is from Loraine Savard with the vibrant colored maple leaves on matching purple. You too can create this Tote Bag by simply stitching out the panels in your download and joining the pieces on your sewing machine. It cannot get easier than this.

Dimensions when complete: approx.

  • Tote Bag completed in 4*4 hoop Height = 8" Width = 8" Breadth = 4" 
  • Tote Bag completed in 5*7 hoop Height = 10" Width = 10" Breadth = 5" 
  • Tote Bag completed in 6*10 hoop Height = 10" Width = 12" Breadth = 6" 
  • (photos displayed here are the Tote Bag completed in the 6*10 Hoop)

4x4 (100mm x 100mm) Hoop