Miniature Freestanding Lace Earrings Combo 2



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Make these custom, out of this world Miniature Freestanding Lace Earrings Combo for a your next project. Then match it to your favorite outfit. Or give it to a friend, your daughter or grand daughter. 

You get all 6 Unique Earring Sets in this COMBO: Layla, Lily, Leah, Lucy, Lydia and Mackenzie Miniature Freestanding Lace Earrings

Design(s) included in this Collection = 6 unique earrings
Stitches = 993 to 3085
Size = 0.79"(h) x 0.65"(w) to 1.32"(h) x 1.25"(w)
Colors Used = 2 or 3
Color Changes = 2 to 4
Available Size
2x2 (50mm x 50mm) Hoop

Customer Reviews

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Esme Annette Meyer
Lace combo earrings

Perfect little earrings for everyone who doesn't like enormous earrings.

Thank you so much for your lovely review Esme! We are happy to hear you love the size of these earrings. Happy stitching! Annemarie

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