Protea Magnifica Zipper Bag


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Make This Fully Lined Protea Magnifica Zipper Bag, complete with a Zipper done All In The Hoop.

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You receive: 6 x Designs (you can make 3 individual purses)

Size when completed:
Hoop: A= 7*10 hoop B= 6*8 hoop, C= 5*7 hoop
Size: A= 9.2” (w) x 6.2” (h) B= 7.3” (w) x 5.0” (h) C= 6.4” (w) x 4.3” (h)
Stitches: A= 19,672 – 24,980 B= 17,081 – 21,047 C= 15,476 – 18,831