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Craft these earrings effortlessly with your embroidery machine. They are quick to stitch with a minimal stitch count, making them perfect for both personal use and selling. We've successfully used genuine leather and felt fabric to craft these little pumpkin earrings. Step by step information included in your download.

Designs: 3 Designs
Hoop: 4x4
Size: 2.92 inches x 3.01 inches (medium size) and 2.35 inches x 2.80 inches (small size)
Stitch count: 2533 – 4215

Customer Reviews

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margaret miller

love the design of the earrings, but way to big for me.

Thank you so much for your honest review Margaret. Good news...I reduced the size of these earrings for you by 50% and emailed you the new size. We look forward to hearing your feedback and if you like the new size. We want you to be happy with your purchase and will do our utmost to make you smile! Happy stitching, Annemarie

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