Sparkles Heart Mug Rug


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Sparkles Heart Mug Rug is very colorful, easy to make, colorful, lovable and so versatile. You can use them for your coffee or tea mugs n the kitchen. You can even use them to place your ornaments on to protect your furniture. And using your off-cut fabric to create these mug rugs simply make them a must-have.

Add colorful and shiny SEQUENCE to this project to make it SPARKLE. We included the 2 EASY steps in your Instant Download to CREATE that SPARKLE.

You get 3 designs:
H 3.93" x W 3.88" Stitch Count = 7075
H 6.30" x W 4.45" Stitch Count = 7243 
H 6.87" x W 4.96" Stitch Count = 12,470 (mug rug)
Available Size
4x4 (100mm x 100mm) Hoop, 5x7 (130mm x 180mm) Hoop

Type: In The Hoop