Zebra Checkbook Book Cover or Coupon folder


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Personal Checkbook Book Cover or Coupon folders are a handy way to carry your personal checks or coupons in a stylish easy to carry cover.

Available Size

6x10 (150mm x 250mm) Hoop

Ps. When You Might Use a Personal Check
In some cases, a personal check could be not only the best way, but the only way to pay a bill. Some smaller businesses still accept checks (and may not accept your credit card), and there are plenty of landlords and real estate people who accept checks. You can pay your taxes by mailing a check to the IRS. In fact, some companies may charge you an extra processing fee for using a credit card to pay a bill, while there is no fee for using a check. https://investorjunkie.com/banking/are-personal-checks-still-necessary/