How To: Make IN-THE-HOOP Scissor Pockets

September 17, 2019 2 Comments

How To:  Make IN-THE-HOOP Scissor Pockets

Follow the instructions carefully – Only one stitch out is needed for this Scissor Pocket!

1. Hoop only the 2-3 layers water soluble stabilizer. Stitch first “default stitch”

2. Cut fabric on fold (thus double this size) as well as 1 x thin batting (the size here indicated)

3. Fold batting inside the fabric (sandwiched) – embroidery adhesive spray will keep all in place. Place this “sandwiched fabric /batting with the folded side to the top of the hoop. Make sure you place the fabric on the indicated line – not over and not short of this line

4. The next zigzag stitch will secure the fabric and batting in place. Stitch the rest of the design.

5. When the design is complete – we will do the same for the BACK.

6. We used a contrast fabric, but you can use the same fabric. Add 1 x layer of fabric (wrong side facing you), 1 x layer batting and again 1 x layer fabric (right side facing you) – All attached to the back of the hoop with adhesive embroidery spray. The contrast fabric will now be secured in the hoop.

7. Remove hoop and cut away excess fabric from back and front of hoop

8. This is what the back should look like.

9. Place hoop back for the penultimate stitching (loop, satin stitch and eyelids) & finally the final satin outline.

10. Remove design from hoop. Cut away all excess water-soluble stabilizer. With sharp scissors cut open the stabilizer in the top area where the scissors will be inserted. BE VERY CAREFUL, NOT TO CUT THROUGH THE BACK
PANEL!!! Also cut away the stabilizer in the flap section (with a Q-tip visible water-soluble stabilizer can be removed). Your “In-The-Hoop” Scissor Pocket is finished!

Click on any of the photos to look at our range of Scissor Pocket designs. Please leave a comment or email me at 

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September 25, 2019

Beste Leendert, heel erg bedankt voor je reactie. Ja, dit patroon is beschikbaar op onze website. Het product heet “Summer Scissor Pockets” en u bent van harte welkom om deze link te gebruiken:

Happy stitching!

leendert bos
leendert bos

September 25, 2019

Zou ik dit patroon in mijn bezit kunnen krijgen a.u.b

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