Japanese Crane Circle Bag


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Make This Fully Lined Circle Bag, using All 8 Sashiko Patterns in 1 Bag or Make 8 Bags, each with their Own Unique Sashiko Pattern.

FREE PHOTO TUTORIAL included in your download on purchase.

You can also watch our Video Tutorial on Youtube or Instagram.

You receive: 24 x Designs

Available Hoop Size: 5*7 Hoop, 6*8 Hoop, 7*7 Hoop, 9*9 Hoop, 12*12 Hoop

The 5*7 Hoop Designs will make the same size bag as the 12*12 Hoop bag, although the panels will be stitched out individually.

Size of Large Bag = 8” x 4” x 5” 

Color Change Sheet: One Color Only

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