Help and FAQ - Our SALES, Specials and Promotions


We run specials all the time. Have a look at the different options on how you can SAVE on our website 

Latest Collections
All the collections and designs on the Shop New Collections page are on introductory prices - up to 60% discounted before going on full price. This where the early bird catches the worm. 

In the Pay Less category selected designs are on "special" for a limited time. If you missed out on a previous Sale on the item you like, keep your eye on this category. The designs change on a weekly and monthly basis.

Daily Free Designs
Every day we feature a brand new Free design. It is FREE for 24 hours, then is replaced by the next Free design.

Customer Bucks Reward System
You earn Bobbin Bucks credits on every purchase you make. Use them to  discount future orders.