Photo Tutorial - Quilted Book Cover.

Photo Tutorial on How to make a Book Cover from Fabric. Here you can see what else you can do with your quilt blocks. We chose 2 different Designs from our FEATHER FOUNTAIN QUILT Collection. 

1. How to make a Book Cover from Fabric: You can decide to embroider only the front OR front and back of your Book Cover. We chose 2 different Designs from our FEATHER FOUNTAIN QUILT Collection. For an A5 Book you need Fabric measuring approx: 18″ (46cm) width x 9.5″ (24cm) height.

2. After your Embroidery Design is complete, you can either overlock or zigzag the outer edge – All around.

3. With the Embroidered side facing you, fold the sides as shown in the image. 

4. The width of the Cover should measure not less than 12.4″ (31.5cm) after both sides are folded in. Pin to keep in place.

5. Secure the 2 folded sides with a straight stitch on your sewing machine (hand stitches will work as well). Notice that the straight stitch should run approx 0.8″ (2cm) from the top and bottom edge. 

6. As indicated in the images, only 4 sections need to be stitched, to keep the front and back flap in place.

7. Turn the Cover inside out. Use a sharp object eg letter opener or wooden skewer to push all 4 corners out.

8. Insert your Book and you have a Beautiful Quilted Book Cover.

9. I decided to Embellish this Cover with a Heart Shape Button. 

10. The Elastic can be stitched to the back cover to Create a closure.

For a wider variety of Designs please visit I would love to see your Book Covers, so please send your Project Photos to me to

Enjoy your Project!