Cats Unlimited with Fabric Paint

November 02, 2020

Cats Unlimited with Fabric Paint

Colors used:
Sun Yellow 0200,  Mustard 1700, Willow 1900, Tangerine 0300, Baked Earth 1800
Additional Supplies:
* Stabilizer
* Thin batting
* Fabric (100% Linen or 100% Cotton)
* Design in the correct Embroidery Machine Format
* Fabric Paint (I used Derwent Inktense)
* Aloe Gel 100%
* Dry Cloth (to wipe brushes when changing colors)
* Wet Cloth (to wipe hands so that ink does not stain your fabric)
* Small glass container to decant Aloe Gel
* Small glass container with Water to wash Brushes
* Optional: Basic Palette to mix Different Shades
This process is simply a repeat of the following steps:
* Decide which Specific area to color
* Using a clean Brush - add Aloe Gel to the area (I used Dala 877 no 4 brush)
* With short strokes, use the Ink Pencil to add Color 
* Use a Brush to shade (I used Dala 877 no 4 brush)

I so enjoyed this Project and hope you will too:-)

Happy Painting!

Come and view the delightful Cats Unlimited Seamless Quilt Combo

Click here to view our little video to see the fun in action: 

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