Project Ideas: Fabric Paint adds a New Dimension

February 15, 2020

Project Ideas: Fabric Paint adds a New Dimension

I was so inspired by Marrilyn`s creative way of using fabric paint on existing Embroidery Designs that I tried it myself...

This is such a fun and super creative way to use your embroidery designs in yet another exciting way.

The Derwent INKTENSE blocks and pencils worked very well. As this was my very first paint project (since primary school)...many decades ago, I have to admit that is was so enjoyable and even relaxing.

Enjoy creating your very own Artwork by simply stitching out the outline designs (included in your download) and let the Creative Juices flow.

We look forward to see your Projects!

Happy Stitching ...and Painting Friends!

What I used for this Project:
Derwent Inktense Block 0700 to color in the Roses, then for shading
Derwent Inktense Pencils: Chilli Red 0500, Shiraz 0600, and Tangerine 0300
For the Leaves: Derwent Inktense Pencils Teal Green 1300 and Leaf Green 1600
Prime Art Bianco F12 and R2
Fabric Medium:
Water-soluble Gel bought from our local Pharmacy

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