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Names like NASA, International Space Station, Space Shuttle, Rockets, and Space X, to name but a few, are synonymous with Space Exploration and Adventure. Explore the Solar System with this Creative Quilt.

We have created a dream quilt called Space Exploration Complete Quilt and Game where you get to be an astronaut and you can explore space and visit the International Space Station. Then wiz off into space and visit the moon and all the cool planets in our solar system. You even get to pass a Black Hole!! So much fun to see who gets to the Finish early.

Invite some friends, use a dice and use different colored buttons to Explore Space. Follow the numbers and when you fall on a number connected to a BLUE arrow, take a shortcut. If you fall on a number connected to a RED arrow, you move back to where the arrow ends. Reach the "Finish" first and win the game.

Designs Included: 92 Design Blocks.
Notice the Beautiful Orbital Lace panel to Complete your Quilt all around
Hoop: 4*4 hoop and 5*7 hoop
Size: 3.75” x 3.75” or 4.75” x 4.75”
Size when Complete: 26.5” x 41.5” or 33” x 52”

Stitch count: 3076 – 22,396

Order the Quilt in 5 Parts:
By ordering Part 1 of 5 you can already start creating your quilt while on a budget. Remember to order all 5 parts to complete your Quilt.

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    Jane Flood
    Solar system quilt/game

    Great design for my grandchildren who love planes, space etc. The design is so different to the usual designs that Grandmothers can do the grandchildren, particularly boys. Looking forward to stitching it all out. All very detailed for the children to play with and learn.