How To: Make a Tissue Box Cover with Lining

April 12, 2019 9 Comments

HOW TO MAKE: a Beautiful Fabric Tissue Box Cover with Pretty Peony Embroidery Designs at

You receive:

10 x Design Files

Hoop Size:

5*7 Hoop x 5

6*9 Hoop x 5

You need the following for a Tissue Box Cover:

  • Fabric for Lining (fat quarter 18" x 22")
  • Fabric for Embroidery (fat quarter 18" x 22")
  • Thin Type Batting (approx 18" x 22")
  • Stabilizer - Cut away
  • Embroidery Thread of choice (only 1 color needed)
  • Optional: Trim for base of the Tissue Box (27" / 70cm)


Step 1. Stitch out all the embroidery files.

You should have 1 x TOP panel, 2 x LONG SIDE panels and 2 x SHORT SIDE panels

Kindly note that for the 5*7 hoop, some panels need more than 1 hooping

  • Combine TOP 1 & 2 to create the TOP panel
  • Combine LONG 1& 2 to create the LONG side panels
  • Stitch x 2 SHORT to create each of the SHORT side panels

Step 2. Print the pattern and cut the LINING fabric for each of the 5 panels.

  • Add 1" seam allowance on all panels after the embroidery is done.
  • The outline on the printable pattern includes a seam allowance.

Step 3. Remove(cut) the batting and the stabilizer from the edge of the embroidered panels

Step 4. With a straight stitch on your sewing machine (SL 2.5) stitch the 4 SIDE panels to the matching sides of the TOP panel.

Notice that we will complete the lining (fabric with hearts) and the embroidery separately. In other words we will complete 2 covers.

Step 5. Close the side seams on the lining(hearts fabric)

Step 6.  Close the side seams on the embroidered section.

Step 7.  Close up look what the 2 sections looks like now.

Step 8.  On the embroidered section, fold the edge of the base. Secure with a straight stitch to create a neat bottom seam. (I used the tissue box to double check my measurements)

Step 9.  Once the embroidered section is secured on the bottom edge -use the outer-shell to measure the fold-over on the lining. Secure with a straight stitch.

Step 10.  Pin the seam and secure with a straight stitch.

Step 11.  The outer and inner shell is complete. We will now combine the 2

Step 12.  Place the embroidered(outer shell) and printed side (lining) toward each other. See image below.

Step 13.  Pin the "oval" shape of both layers.

Step 14.  Secure with a straight stitch on your sewing machine.

Step 15.  After the oval shape is stitched...

Step 16.  Cut through both layers as shown below. (You can cut more sections to ensure a neat edge when turned outside in)

Step 17.  View from the embroidered section.

Step 18.  Push the lining through this "center" hole, toward the inside of your Tissue Box Cover.

Step 19.  Close-up view...

Step 20.  Your Beautiful Tissue Box Cover!

Step 21.  And who said we cannot add a trim...

Please browse our website for more Beautiful Projects, Patterns and Designs.

Happy stitching!


9 Responses

Christine Manggos
Christine Manggos

April 22, 2020

I am going to try and make that tissue box cover as soon as the Lockdown is over i dont have any batting at this moment.. Your designs are really wonderful. Wish i had still some of your sedignes as my computer was stolen and most of your designs that i bought were on it. Take care and stay safe.We alll love u here in SA and the workd,God Bless.


October 07, 2019

Dear Zeta, thank you so much for purchasing our designs! The Signature Tissue Box Cover and Dream Song Tissue Box Cover were stitched on 1 layer of taffeta fabric. The batting is “sandwiched” between the taffeta(outside) and lining(inside) of the tissue box. This Peony Tissue Box Cover is slightly different in that the lining is sewn in. The Signature Tissue Box Cover and Dream Song Tissue Box Cover panels are stitched All In The Hoop. You are welcome to use this link to our Video Tutorial on All In The Hoop Projects:-)

Happy stitching and feel free to e-mail me at I will gladly help!
Kind Regards,

Zeta Proskocil
Zeta Proskocil

October 07, 2019

Reading thru my instructions to make ASH1115 &ASH2852 Kleenex boxes. Are the instructions correct ?
Concerned you use taffeta for fabric batting and lining. Is that. Correct ?and the other is also 3 layers of the same fabric ? There is no accrual batting ?
Is this correct?

Annemarie le Roux
Annemarie le Roux

April 24, 2019

Hi Jane, thank you for your positive feedback! Please e-mail me your machine format to as I am sure we can do that for you. Eagerly awaiting your feedback:-)

Annemarie le Roux
Annemarie le Roux

April 24, 2019

Hi Carol, thank you very much for your loyal support. It means such a lot! Looks like we have the same challenge…I have so many creative ideas but do not get to execute them all…lol

Annemarie le Roux
Annemarie le Roux

April 24, 2019

Hi Sally, thank you so much for your kind feedback! Peonies are such happy flowers:-)

Sally Gastineau
Sally Gastineau

April 24, 2019

This is a really cute tissue box cover. You are so talented.

Carol Jackson
Carol Jackson

April 24, 2019

I love your tissue box. It is beautiful. I also have your Blue Willow designs, but have Not stitched them out yet. You have beautiful designs and I have passed your web site on to several of my friends.

Jane Hyleman
Jane Hyleman

April 24, 2019

This is lovely. Wondering if the 5X7 panels that take more than one hooping could be done in the repositional 5×12 hoop as a split design. Thanks for any advice you can give.

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