How To: Make an Eyeglass Case "All in the Hoop"

July 20, 2019

How To: Make an Eyeglass Case

All In The Hoop Machine Embroidery Projects are Fun, Easy and Now Sewing is required. Lets get started...

Flamingo Brush Strokes Eyeglass Case

Fabric needed:

(listed in order of use)

  1. Batting = 1 x (5" x 7")
  2. Fabric Front = 1 x (5" x 7")


  1. Lining = 1 x (5" x 7")


  1. Contrast fabric = 1 x (5" x 7")
  2. Batting = 1 x (5" x 7")
  3. Fabric Back = 1 x (5" x 7")


Hoop Cut-Away Stabilizer for this project.

Embroidery Steps:

Step 1.

  • Start by hooping your stabilizer.
  • Stitch out the 1st color stop.
  • Place 1 x layer of BATTING+FABRIC on top of the OUTLINE.
  • Use embroidery adhesive spray to keep the fabric in place while stitching.

Step 1 - Stitch Outline

Step 2.

  • Stitch the next color stop.
  • The fabric/batting will now be secured in the hoop.

Step 1b

Step 1c

Step 3 through 10:

  • The Design will stitch next.
  • Follow the color change sheet included in your download.

Step 2 - Design Stitched

Step 11.

  • LINING - with adhesive spray add a layer of fabric to the back of the hoop, then stitch next COLOR STOP, where the lining will be secured.
  • After the LINING is stitched, remove the hoop, cut away excess lining (from the back) and excess fabric/batting (from the front).
  • Place hoop back for next COLOR STOP.

Lining - Back of the Hoop

Lining - Cut away excess fabric from Back of the Hoop

Front - Cut away excess fabric

Step 12.

  • This is a running stitch simply to indicate where a satin outline will stitch next.

Top Scalloped Edge will be stitched next

Step 13. A Satin Outline will cover the INNER section.

Top Scalloped Edge - Satin Stitching

Step 14.

  • Add FABRIC+BATTING+FABRIC to the back of the hoop. (In other words, the batting will be sandwiched between the 2 layers of fabric.)
  • The next COLOR STOP will secure the FABRIC+BATTING+FABRIC.
  • After the fabric is stitched, remove the hoop, cut away excess FABRIC+BATTING+FABRIC and place hoop back for the FINAL SATIN OUTLINE.
  • For the last Satin Outline: Match your Bobbin-Thread to your Top-Thread for a professional Finish.

Back Fabric

Cut away excess fabric from back of the hoop

Match Bobbin and Top Thread Front view before the last Color Stop

Step 15. FINAL SATIN OUTLINE will stitch.

  • Remove design from hoop.
  • Cut away excess stabilizer.
  • Cut away the stabilizer between the satin outline in the center and the outside satin outline. (Be careful not to cut through the fabric.)

 *** And your all in the hoop project is complete!

Front View

Rear View

All the best with your project!
Happy stitching!

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